Network Security - SOX AUDITS

Data Security Requirements for Your Hard Drives

Securing Data from Hackers and other Exposure is Required by Law

Securing Data from Hackers and other Exposure is Required by Law Highly publicized data security breaches by hackers into major companies such as Sony, Citibank, Lockheed Martin, Sega, makes consumers wary of IT security. High profile criminal cases showcase forensic experts who can extract data from hard drives that were thought to be completely clean. Not quite.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Many companies specialize in extracting data from hard drives that have failed, been damaged through dropping or heat failure, among other catastrophes. Although you think the data is gone, experts are capable at retrieving that data you thought was deleted, overwritten, or destroyed.

Whether it's an online hacker or some other breach, It costs $6.6 million on average when an organization suffers a data breach, and more than $200 per compromised record, according to according to a survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute. Another study from Forrester Research found costs can run between $90 and $305 per lost record. These losses include expenses of legal fees, call centers, lost employee productivity, regulatory fines, stock plummets, and customer losses.

The Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) laws require companies to keep sensitive customer data like social security numbers, health info, bank info, credit card numbers, etc safe and secure. Your company’s server hard drives are a liability and if your customer data is either hacked into or exposed through improper equipment disposal, it could become a public relations nightmare in addition to potential dismissals.

The risk WILL BE exposed in a sox audit. Acting surprised won't matter to auditors. They will demand that you inform your customers of the incident/situation.

HPE Support Services

Regular HPE warranty coverage and even standard HPE Support Services coverage requires old server hard drives to be sent back. However, Networks 2000 sells a special version of HPE Support Services which allows the customer to keep their hard drives on site and destroy them in a manner permitted by SOX.

It doesn’t matter if your sensitive data is striped across a RAID 5 drive set since even sending back partial data info (such as a partial social security number or one that isn’t attached to a particular individual) is also protected. This would result in failing a SOX audit. A failed audit puts in motion the requirement to inform all customers of the potential breach and the PR nightmare that follows. These incidents are often reported on the Internet.

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